Advent is a time of waiting for the world to change and of anticipating the life-altering transformation that comes with the birth of a child that will be lived out in each of us. Advent invites me to labor in ways that I might not feel ready for and to trek into places that might make me uncomfortable. Advent draws me into the presence of God as God reveals God’s self, and as God leads me into new curiosity and truth-telling. … More #AdventWord

The Yoke of Jesus

When Jesus talks about the heavy yoke, he is talking to those on the spiritual journey on whom a heavy burden had been placed by the Pharisees. Jesus promises those who follow after him a light burden and yoke that is good to bear. To come to Jesus is to discover that the task of getting it all right under the burden of the law is replaced by the absolute gift of God’s abiding presence. … More The Yoke of Jesus

Hope in Lamentation

17th SUNDAY AFTER PENTECOST (Proper 22, Year C)
Even in our lament, or maybe through our lament, we are invited to find hope. We are invited to remember the goodness of God, the love of Jesus, and the defeat of death in resurrection. We are also invited to be hope in a world a world that is lamenting its own loss, suffering, and pain. … More Hope in Lamentation

A Day of Remembrance

25th SUNDAY AFTER PENTECOST (Proper 27, Year B, Remembrance Day)
We call it Veterans Day. In Canada, Europe, and Australia, it is known by a more provocative name: Remembrance Day. Remembrance Day day bids us to remember not just those who served, but why they served. What will we do with our remembering? Will we allow it to lead us to build a vision of God that beckons us to a new creation? … More A Day of Remembrance