To Tell Our Stories

May we find spaces in which we can be brave enough to tell our stories in the light. And to proclaim from the rooftops that all of our hope is in the love of God—redeeming and reconciling love. Love powerful enough to cast out fear. Love radical enough to reorder our world. And God entrusts all of this to you and me and something as fragile as a story. Amen. … More To Tell Our Stories

“Come and see!”

Jesus says to them, “Come and see!.” “Come and see,” captures a primary message of John’s Gospel: If you want to know the word made flesh, come and see Jesus. If you want to know what love is like, come and see Jesus. If you want to experience God’s glory, to be filled with bread that never perishes, to quench your thirst with living water, to be born again, to abide in love, to behold the light of the world, to experience the way, the truth, and the life, to enter into life everlasting . . . if you want to know God, come and see Jesus. … More “Come and see!”

The Saints of God are just folk like me…

There is a shocking generosity in our God to hand over holy stuff to human actors. Elisha, the seventy, and all those we count as Holy Women, Holy Men were special because they donned the mantle of Elijah, put on the Spirit of Christ, and connects others to the living God. We are invited do the same – connect others to God’s abundant and life-giving power. … More The Saints of God are just folk like me…