Oranges in the Stocking

The incarnation of love that the nativity parables point to is the same love encountered in Jesus during his ministry. Yes, in Jesus – in this radical, freethinking, boundary-breaking, justice-seeking, peacemaking, wound-healing Jesus – we discover the icon of the God who is love in ways that shatter our understanding. In our experience of Jesus, even death cannot rob us, even pandemics cannot hold us down. That’s why the Christmas parable is so important in our annual celebrations of life. Everything about the Nativity parable points us to the reality of the divine in everyday, fleshy stuff of life. … More Oranges in the Stocking

Advent Matters!!

The world was created beautifully, with a divine vision set before us, but along the way we have broken some things. On this first Sunday in Advent, the prophet Isaiah tells us that God has again set that vision before us, but along the way to that vision we have broken some things. It matters that we can make it right again! It matters that in the midst of a stormy voyage, with bristling winds and frothy seas, we can set our eyes on a godly vision, where sword shall not be lifted and war learned no more. It matters that as we watch for, prepare for, and hope for the coming of Jesus, we can claim that Jesus has already come and we can work for God’s kingdom of justice, love and peace…right now, in the midst of our present. … More Advent Matters!!

Walking in the light of the star!

So often, it seems as if we pray only for a vaguely optimized version of the here and now. The fact is, much of the time, even faithful people can’t imagine a world that is much different from the one that we already have. And that’s the point: Of course we can’t. Of course, you and I can’t. We can’t, but God can. God is longing to show us a vision, a vision for us and for those we love and for all people and all Creation and all time. God is longing to make us part of something that goes far beyond our shallow invocations of a vain hope in the improved. … More Walking in the light of the star!

The Light of Epiphany

If we follow the words of today’s collect, we see that the purpose in responding to the call is not just to better ourselves, but to receive grace to proclaim the Good News. No one has to wear a priestly collar to do that. The places we live, the families and friends we love, the workstations where we spend eight hours a day are all places for proclamation. … More The Light of Epiphany

We have found the Messiah!

An act of simple hospitality in the midst of want – from we who live in paradise to others who live…elsewhere…a hand raised to volunteer for leadership in community witness, a tent pitched in a city park…all moments, so often unexpected–where the reign of God comes near, where we catch a glimpse of a time and place where nothing’s broken and no one’s missing, and a table is spread for all God’s children. … More We have found the Messiah!