Where are you?

Jesus challenges us today to look beyond our borders and our walls, to see beyond any of the myriad self-imposed lines that we draw: religion, denomination, color, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and economic status – even the line of faith. God invites us to expand our family today in ways that are just as shocking as it was to Mark’s first-century audience.

We must be careful not to fall for the temptations of power, wealth, and lust that were a constant temptation to Israel and have always tempted humanity. For those who would name themselves Christian – that is, followers of Jesus the Christ – the challenge is to shift the allegiance away from the kingdoms and ideologies of this world unto the kingdom of God. We are invited to hold on to our hope in Christ – for justice, peace, and life – remaining strong against the repercussions that will come, staying faithful and refusing those “values” that don’t produce and demonstrate love. After all, to quote the Most Rev’d. Michael Curry, “If it’s not about love, it’s not about God.”
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Shaped by the Margins

“It would seem that, quite possibly, the ultimate measure of health in any community might well reside in our ability to stand in awe at what folks have to carry rather than in judgment at how they carry it.” (Rev. Gregory Boyle)

Kinship is what happens when we refuse to forget that we belong to one another. Kinship is ever inching closer to the margins and standing with the oppressed and powerless. Kinship is walking with Jesus and your neighbor in the expansive and generous mercy of God.. … More Shaped by the Margins

Boldness in the Storm

Peter stepped out in boldness into the storm, and came toward Jesus. This is a lesson for us as disciples: Jesus wants us to step into the storm with him in boldness. We are invited to step into the storm of poverty with boldness and say that poverty can be ended. We are invited to step into the storm of the school-to-prison pipeline and believe that we can change it. We are invited to step into the storm of racism and misogyny and work with boldness to end them. We are invited to step into the storm, taking hold of Jesus’ outstretched hand, and come safely to the shore. … More Boldness in the Storm

Hope in Lamentation

17th SUNDAY AFTER PENTECOST (Proper 22, Year C)
Even in our lament, or maybe through our lament, we are invited to find hope. We are invited to remember the goodness of God, the love of Jesus, and the defeat of death in resurrection. We are also invited to be hope in a world a world that is lamenting its own loss, suffering, and pain. … More Hope in Lamentation

Transformation in the Vineyard

18th SUNDAY AFTER PENTECOST (Proper 22, Year A)
God’s desire for the church is for us to be so changed that we become a burning bush that is aflame with the glory of God. God’s desire for each one of us is to be so changed that we become a river of living water out of which life and joy floods to others. God’s desire for the church and for us individually is to be so changed that we become a people who are passionate about justice and mercy and who discover how to walk humbly with God.
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