From Scarcity to Abundance

In the narrative of the feeding of the five thousand, the author of the fourth gospel present a Jesus who is upending the system of Empire. Jesus is completely dismantling the system of scarcity employed by the Empire as a means of control. Instead, Jesus is presented as the source of abundance, who provides and overwhelming abundance, enough for everyone to be filled and for there to be leftovers. … More From Scarcity to Abundance

Get up. Open your eyes.

This Friday, April 22, 2016 is Earth Day – the 46th Earth Day since its inception in 1970. On this day we honor creation. On this day, we recognize creation’s groaning. May we recognize the goodness of the earth’s complex, beautiful systems and feel mercy. And may we have ears to hear the voice of the earth, one that has been speaking all along and desperately needs our attention. … More Get up. Open your eyes.