Advent Matters!!

The world was created beautifully, with a divine vision set before us, but along the way we have broken some things. On this first Sunday in Advent, the prophet Isaiah tells us that God has again set that vision before us, but along the way to that vision we have broken some things. It matters that we can make it right again! It matters that in the midst of a stormy voyage, with bristling winds and frothy seas, we can set our eyes on a godly vision, where sword shall not be lifted and war learned no more. It matters that as we watch for, prepare for, and hope for the coming of Jesus, we can claim that Jesus has already come and we can work for God’s kingdom of justice, love and peace…right now, in the midst of our present. … More Advent Matters!!

Who are you?

Every day brings challenges to our allegiance to God. Today we face an invitation to examine our hearts, to be honest about where our allegiance lies. We are invited to turn soundly back to God, favoring God’s kingdom over our own. … More Who are you?

How ought we to pray?

8th SUNDAY AFTER PENTECOST (Proper 12, Year A)
It begins with faith. But all we really need is faith as small as a mustard seed to make the whole creation new. To give new life to our own tired bodies. To put a smile on the face of a stranger. To plant seeds of God’s love throughout the neighborhood in which God has made his home. … More How ought we to pray?