The Spirit has come, silence is no longer an option.

We need to gather as God’s people right now and ask the Holy Spirit to instruct us, shape us, remake us, and commission us.  We need a fresh language of bridge-building and new words to rekindle joy. We need the wind and fire of God to transform us and wrestle us from our complacency. It’s time for us to speak new words and tell new stories, to create new relationships and kindle old love. Here’s the thing: No matter how passionately I disagree with your opinions and beliefs, I cannot disagree with your experience. Once I have learned to hear and speak your story in the words that matter most to you, then I have stakes I never had before.  I can no longer thrive at your expense.  I can no longer make you my Other. 

The Spirit broke down barriers on that Pentecost by loosening the tongues of the disciples and by opening the ears of the crowd so that they were able to hear each other. God compelled the disciples to engage, to press in, to linger, listen, and speak.

The Spirit has come, and silence is no longer an option.
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Oh, how I love your Law!

19th SUNDAY AFTER PENTECOST (Proper 24, Year C)
In the Psalm today, we are invited to meditate on the Torah as the source of wisdom and life. As such, we are invited to meditate on God’s story with God’s people – first Israel, but also the Church. We are, moreover, invited to meditate on our own stories to see how they fit into the divine narrative, and to share that story with the world. … More Oh, how I love your Law!