Defying Gravity! (An Ascension Story)

The Ascension narratives at the end of Luke’s Gospel and the beginning of Acts are both immediately tied to the promised gift of the Holy Spirit. Together these are two moments of the same process and complete the act that began with the resurrection. The Ascension, therefore, is not really about Jesus’ absence but about a presence in a new and more powerful way. Moreover, the Ascension narrative invites us to take our place with Jesus at the right hand of God to fulfill our original blessing to have dominion (in a loving Godly way) over creation. What is holding us down from accepting the invitation! What do we need to do to defy gravity and live the ascended life? … More Defying Gravity! (An Ascension Story)

It gets better!

Jesus wants his disciples to keep their eyes on the kingdom, on the possibility of life, and a quality of life that is called abundant – for them and for all creation. Jesus insists and his resurrection demonstrates that IT’S NOT OVER – IT GETS BETTER! … More It gets better!

“Be My Witnesses”

7TH SUNDAY OF EASTER (Year C, lessons from the Feast of the Ascension)
At the end of our Eucharist, in the dismissal, the deacon will proclaim, “Go in peace to love and serve the Lord.” We are sent to “be his witnesses.” Be Christ’s witnesses by being like Christ, proclaiming his message of hope and love in word and deed. … More “Be My Witnesses”