To Tell Our Stories

May we find spaces in which we can be brave enough to tell our stories in the light. And to proclaim from the rooftops that all of our hope is in the love of God—redeeming and reconciling love. Love powerful enough to cast out fear. Love radical enough to reorder our world. And God entrusts all of this to you and me and something as fragile as a story. Amen. … More To Tell Our Stories

Bear the Image of God

“Give to the emperor what is the emperor’s” is too often used as a proof text to demand obedience to empire and government. However, the text of the narrative reveals this to be a dangerous misreading. Indeed, instead of acquiescing to empire, Jesus beckons us to find the image of God stamped on us and on others and then to let that image dictate who we are and how we act. … More Bear the Image of God

How do we live today when we don’t know about tomorrow?

23rd SUNDAY AFTER PENTECOST (Proper 28, Year C)
How do we live today when we don’t know tomorrow? We draw strength from God, who invites our participation and endures long after the cities and buildings and stones have crumbled. We adopt a posture that asks not what God can do for us, but calls us to bring the Kingdom of God just a bit closer. We love neighbor as self and we strive for just societies and a stable planet- new heavens and a new earth. We pray without ceasing, and we trust in a mighty God from whom all blessings flow. … More How do we live today when we don’t know about tomorrow?

Oh, how I love your Law!

19th SUNDAY AFTER PENTECOST (Proper 24, Year C)
In the Psalm today, we are invited to meditate on the Torah as the source of wisdom and life. As such, we are invited to meditate on God’s story with God’s people – first Israel, but also the Church. We are, moreover, invited to meditate on our own stories to see how they fit into the divine narrative, and to share that story with the world. … More Oh, how I love your Law!

Hope in Lamentation

17th SUNDAY AFTER PENTECOST (Proper 22, Year C)
Even in our lament, or maybe through our lament, we are invited to find hope. We are invited to remember the goodness of God, the love of Jesus, and the defeat of death in resurrection. We are also invited to be hope in a world a world that is lamenting its own loss, suffering, and pain. … More Hope in Lamentation