Parable of the Gracious Father

No matter who might want to be the judge of who is in and who is out, God is ready to throw a massive party to celebrate every stupid sheep, every seemingly worthless coin, and every ingrate child that was lost but is found. God is always ready to welcome me home, whether or not I’m here for the right reasons. God is desperate to be in a relationship with everyone, but we can remain on the outside looking in because of our own expectations, prejudices, and lack of grace. … More Parable of the Gracious Father

I’ve got a secret!

Regardless of what in our life has died or needs to die, God in Christ has already cleared the way forward. We have a path to follow: the path that is the death to self and selfishness, to all that enslaves us and binds us, to all that blinds us, to all that disorders our lives; and, the path that is resurrected life – lifted up in Christ’s crucifixion, lifted up in the resurrection; lifted up in the ascension. We die to self trusting that new life awaits! … More I’ve got a secret!

The Wilderness of Our Identity

Our Lent has begun! On the journey, I pray that we may know the company of Jesus, and enter with courage the wilderness before us. May our time testing among the wild beasts teach us our true identity as precious children of God. Then, when the angels in all their sweet and secret guises whisper the name “beloved” into our ears, may we listen and believe. … More The Wilderness of Our Identity