Good News!

The challenge for us in the world is to find ways to acknowledge the presence of God in the ordinary and to celebrate God’s presence in the everyday. Maybe we can find God in the smile of a friend, in sharing a meal, in the beauty of art and music. That’s the challenge of Christmas, to keep it alive all year round – to make sure that we expect God’s inbreaking as part of our ordinary lives. … More Good News!

Light in the Darkness

The incarnation of God demonstrates an alternative way of seeing life and living in the world. Creation is good! The world we live in is good! Our bodies are good! We are “original blessings.” And as original blessings, we are invited to live with love and justice with the rest of the created order. We are invited to be fully human, fully alive – not just marginally human and somewhat alive. As Matthew Fox reminds us, “Being alive is not the same as going shopping or making a nest in which to escape the suffering of others. Living has something to do with love of life, and the love of other’s lives and the other’s rights to life and dignity.” … More Light in the Darkness

Holy Name, Holy Being

God gives God’s name to Israel and through the name God’s very self. It is committed in trust to Israel, translating the guarantee of God’s nearness and readiness to help. The name spoke directly of God’s holiness and righteousness shared and covenanted with Israel: “So they shall put my name on the Israelites, and I will bless them.” (Numbers 6:27) … More Holy Name, Holy Being