What should we do?

What I love about this sermon from John is that he links baptism with mission in the world. Baptism is not just a little sprinkling of water or even an immersion in a pool. Baptism is being plunged into a new way living, of being, of acting in the world. Baptism immerses us into the ethics of Jesus and is connected to social responsibility and service towards others. The conversion signified in baptism turns us toward God and, in turn, toward each other. It is invisible grace that manifests in a visible and outward mission. We are baptized as a blessing to others! … More What should we do?

Push back against the darkness!

We cannot give into fear!! No matter what, we cannot let fear narrate the story of our faith. That is our essential and necessary work this Advent. As we prepare ourselves for Christmas and as we make ready for the second coming, our work the Advent must be about pushing back against the darkness and the fear. We must push back against the fear of loving totally, of giving everything, of living fully in the light. … More Push back against the darkness!