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Parable of the Gracious Father

No matter who might want to be the judge of who is in and who is out, God is ready to throw a massive party to celebrate every stupid sheep, every seemingly worthless coin, and every ingrate child that was lost but is found. God is always ready to welcome me home, whether or not I’m here for the right reasons. God is desperate to be in a relationship with everyone, but we can remain on the outside looking in because of our own expectations, prejudices, and lack of grace. … More Parable of the Gracious Father

Stories That Had Meaning: A 2021 Reading Project

In January 2021, I decided to take on a unique reading project in which I would choose twelve narrative works of fiction that I found had influence in my adolescence. That is, I re-read twelve novels that guided, channeled, disposed, and otherwise began to shape my spiritual, moral, and theological self in adolescence (between the ages of fifteen and twenty-five). Needless to say, this was a deeply formative period of exploration, growth, and expectation that coincided with intense schooling that included high school, undergraduate university, and, for me, the first years of seminary training. This was, indeed, a time in which I was becoming more autonomous in my spiritual journey, more cognizant of my moral personhood, and very aware of a newly beloved theological acumen. … More Stories That Had Meaning: A 2021 Reading Project

The Makarios

“Blessed are you!” Blessed are you who embrace the poverty of Jesus, a poverty which allowed him to pour out everything for those he loved. Blessed are you poor who immigrate to find a better life and blessed are you who embrace their poverty in welcoming and friendship. Blessed are you when you hunger for righteousness, justice, and peace. Blessed are you who hunger for equality and just systems, and blessed are you whose hunger leads you to act to end racism, misogyny, and prejudice. Blessed are you when you weep over the suffering of a friend. Blessed are you when you weep over violence between nations. Blessed are you when you weep over the lack of welcome for the stranger or the refugee, when you weep for the injustice that masquerades as “life in the real world.” Blessed are you when people hate you because of who you stand for and what you stand for. Blessed are you when people hate you because you stand with the Prince of Peace and the Just Judge. Blessed are you when people know that you follow Jesus not just because of your words but through your deeds.  … More The Makarios

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